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The Style Evolution Of Royal Maternity Looks

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle might have been the reigning royals of maternity style the last few years, but they weren't the only fashionable sovereigns with baby bumps in royal history. There have been decades of royal maternity looks across the pond, with Queen Elizabeth II leading the pack with her four pregnancies. Since these queens, princesses, and duchesses each had (and have) luxury designers on speed dial, it's not surprising that they looked flawless through each of their trimesters. 

Queen Elizabeth II liked to stay out of the public eye while pregnant, but on the rare occasions she was spotted at functions, she always had an elegant ballgown or a tasteful peacoat. Princess Margaret was more of a risk taker with her pregnancy style, while Princess Anne loved a good ballgown or a trendy overcoat. Princess Diana had a penchant for statement-making overcoats and billowy skirt suits, while Sarah, Duchess Of York embraced the nautical. 

And when you look at more modern royals, like Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan, their maternity looks veer towards the timeless and streamlined. The evolution of royal maternity looks followed the changing trends of their times, but there was one thing all the royals had in common. They all looked incredibly chic, no matter the decade.