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Gifts To Announce Your Pregnancy To The Grandparents

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Deciding how to tell your parents they're about to become grandparents is a big deal. After all, you're super excited and know they've been waiting for this news for years. And, opting to buy a personalized gift is a good way to sit back and watch as the news sinks in... I know first hand because we brought my mother-in-law back a onesie from Hawaii and she just about fainted. Talk about moments you wish you had on video!

Whether you pick something for baby or something grandma and grandpa get to keep, they'll treasure the gesture and you'll instantly have a family heirloom on your hands. Seriously, buying a personalized grandma or grandpa present is pretty darn special for everyone involved.

Ready to start shopping? We've got you covered. Just be prepared for plenty of tears and laughter when it's time to give your gift, (and maybe have that camera ready).